1655 Newport Road
 Ann Arbor, MI  48103
 (734)994-1985 (Main)
   994-1988 (6th-8th A-J)

   994-1987 (6th-8th K-Z)
 Patrick O'Neill, Interim Principal

Forsythe Middle School Black Parent Support Group

If you are interested in being the BPSG chairperson, please contact the principal (oneill@aaps.k12.mi.us).  

BPSG purpose:
The Forsythe Black Parent Support Group (BPSG) works collaboratively with students, teachers and administrators to help Black children succeed in school. The BMSG partners with our Ann Arbor Public School district organizations, including the Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO), Black Student Union and the Black Parents' Student Support Group (BPSSG) of the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

BPSSG's mission:
Serve as a collaborative and supportive vehicle for African-American students and their parents. The organization will foster strong, meaningful alliances with schools to encourage academic excellence, leadership skills, cultural awareness, pride and respect, and problem solving. The main priority is the education of all students with special emphasis on the education of African-American students so that they will attain their full educational potential.

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