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 (734)994-1985 (Main)
   994-1988 (6th-8th A-J)

   994-1987 (6th-8th K-Z)
 Dr. Janet Schwamb, Principal



2013-14 Season 5 

Schedule Changes:

Wednesday, May 28th

Softball game vs. Tappan - at Skyline H.S. at 4:00PM

Baseball game vs. Tappan - at Tappan at 4:00PM


Friday, May 30th

Baseball & Softball games Forsythe vs. Scarlett at Forsythe - 4:00PM

This is a doubleheader (2 games - due to previous rainout)

Forsythe Vikings 7th & 8th Grade Athletics

Students must be registered prior to the start of the season. See the Athletic Registration link to the left. 

For game dates and times see the Schedule-Athletics & Sports link to the left. 

Sport Practice Coach  
7th / 8th Grade Men's & Women's Track Mon-Thurs 3:00-4:35

Coach Bert

Coach Chmura

Coach Milburn 




7th / 8th Grade Softball

4/22 Tues  3:00-4:45
4/23 Wed  3:00-4:45
4/24 Thur  3:00-4:45
4/28 Mon   3:00-4:45
4/29 Tues  3:00-4:45

Starting 4/30 Wed-Practice will be 3:05-4:35

Mon-Thurs 3:05-4:35 

Coach English english@aaps.k12.mi.us

7th / 8th Grade Baseball

Tryouts Monday, Apr. 21

Mon-Thurs 3:00-4:45
1st two Fridays possible (ask your coach)  
Coach Myint sean_myint@yahoo.com

Season 5 - Forsythe Vikings 6th Grade Sports (no tryouts)

Sport Practice Coach Email
6th Grade Girls' Track Mon & Wed 
Coach Dombrowski dombrow1@aaps.k12.mi.us

6th Grade Boys' Track

Tues & Thur 
Coach Dombrowski dombrow1@aaps.k12.mi.us

6th grade Instructional Tennis


After school buses available Tuesday & Thursday.    No Monday, Wednesday, or Friday after-school bus.  

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