1655 Newport Road
 Ann Arbor, MI  48103
 (734)994-1985 (Main)
   994-1988 (6th-8th A-J)

   994-1987 (6th-8th K-Z)
 Patrick O'Neill, Interim Principal

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Mr.  Paul Bailey Teacher/Orchestra baileypl

Ms. Susan Bartman Teacher/Art bartman

Ms. Susan Baughn Paraprofessional baughn

Ms. Kelli Bert Teacher/Physical Education & Health bertk
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Mr. Robert Bower Psychologist bowerjr

Ms. Amy Butler Teacher/Math butlera

Ms. Margaret Caird Teacher/Science & World Language caird

Ms. Jill Castillo Teacher/Language Arts castilloj

Ms. Mike Chmura Media Specialist chmura
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Ms. Theresa Compton Teacher/Science comptont

Mr. Michael Conedera Teacher/Science & Mathematics conederm

Mr. Dale Conger Interim Vice Principal

Ms. Larissa Czuchnowsky Teacher/World Language czuchnow
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Ms. Deborah Deja Teacher/Special Education dejad

Mr. James Dick Lunchroom Supervisor No_email

Mr. Pat Dombrowski Paraprofessional dombrow1

Mr. Jon English Teacher/Social Studies-Curriculum Leader english
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Mr. Daniel Ezekiel Teacher/Science-Curriculum Leader ezekiel

Ms. Judy Gagalis Counselor, 6th-8th, K - N gagalis

Ms. Karen Germano Social Worker germano

Mr. Darryl Glashauser Teacher/Math Glashaus
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Ms. Karen Gould Teacher/Science gould

Mr. Paul Grady Teacher/Math gradyp
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Ms. Stephanie Gray Teacher/Social Studies & computers grays
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Ms. Arpita Guha Paraprofessional guhaa

Ms. Amanda Hagy Speech Language Pathologist hagya

Ms. Holly Harrell Language Arts harrellh

Ms. Lisa Headings Paraprofessional headingsl

Ms. Jacqueline Hogan Paraprofessional No_email

Ms. Amanda Hollis Counselor, 6th-8th, A - J hollisam
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Mr. Mike Johnson Teacher/Math johnson1

Ms. Jodi Kinnard Teacher/Health (5th Hr) gaff

Ms. Katie Kinter Teacher/Special Education kinter
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Mr. Stephen Kleczynski Teacher/Special Education kleczyns

Ms. Candee Klein Teacher/Language Arts & Performing Arts kleinc

Mr. Cary Kocher Teacher/Band kocher
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Ms. Semra Koknar Teacher/Social Studies koknar
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Mr. Jim Kopf Paraprofessional kopfj

Mr. Derek Lee Teacher/Social Studies leed

Ms. Suzanne Lewis Teacher/Special Education lewissu

Mr. Brian Lincourt Teacher/Language Arts lincourt

Ms.   Lipton Teacher/Literacy Across the Arts liptonm

Mr. Richard Lowe Paraprofessional lower

Mr. Joshua Loyer Teacher/Special Education loyer

Ms. April Marable Paraprofessional marable

Ms. Pamela Metz Teacher/Math-Curriculum Leader metzp
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Elaine Mitchell Nurse mitchelle

Mr. Christopher Morgan Teacher/Language Arts morganc
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Mr. Michael Mosley Paraprofessional mosley

Ms. Michele Myers Teacher/Special Education myersm

Ms. Angela Newing Assistant Principal newing

Mr. Mark O'Boyle Counselor, 6th-8th, O - Z oboyle
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Mr. Patrick H. O'Neill Principal (interim) o'neill

Ms. Lynn Okenka Secretary to the Principal okenkal
Phone: 994-1985

Ms. Melissa Overhiser Band Assistant Director overhise

Ms. Kathy Pantolin Speech Language Pathologist pantolin

Ms. Wendi Parks House Office Secretary, 6th-8th, A - J parksw
Phone: 994-1988

Mr. Curtis Parmer Occupational Therapist parmerc

Mr. Ken Person Lunchroom Supervisor No_email

Ms. Mary Reilly Paraprofessional reilly

Ms. Megan Ringler Paraprofessional ringlerm

Ms. Susan Rodriguez Physical Therapist rodrigu3

Ms. Nia Roumanis Paraprofessional roumanis

Ms. Katie Rowan Teacher/Orchestra rowan
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Ms. Allison Rullman Library Media Center Clerk rullman

Ms. Zahra Seyam Teacher/Language Arts seyamz
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Mr. DelRio Sheffield Paraprofessional sheffield

Ms. Mary Shymanski Teacher/Language Arts & Teacher/World Language shymanski

Ms. Amie Snapke Teacher/Science & computers snapkea
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Ms. Kimberly Sprowl Teacher/Special Education sprowl

Mr. William Standbridge Teacher/Physical Education standbri

Mr. James Stevens Paraprofessional stevensj

Ms. Alice Tillman Teacher/Choir/Performing Arts tillman

Ms. Gloria Traturyk Tech Specialist traturyk

Ms. Julia Tsang Paraprofessional tsangj

Ms. Jennifer Walsh Teacher/Language Arts-Curriculum Leader walshjen
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Ms. Deborah Weid Teacher/Social Studies weidd

Ms. Cherrell Wilson House Office Secretary, 6th-8th, K - Z wilsonc
Phone: 994-1987

Ms. Cheryl Wonders Tech Assistant wonders
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