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 1019 W. Washington
 Ann Arbor, MI 48103
 Rick Weiler, Principal

Slauson Community,

On behalf of Mrs. Lisa Anglin and myself, we want to thank the entire Slauson community for the warm welcome and the well wishes as we joined the Slauson staff. Both of us are very excited to be at Slauson. Likewise, we hope that you have found the first week of school to be equally warm and welcoming for you and your child.

Mrs. Anglin and I intend to use this forum to inform you of current and upcoming events, address issues confronting middle school children, and to address specific concerns or issues.

As I indicated, the transition to Slauson has been fairly seamless for Mrs. Anglin and me, but one concern has quickly came to our attention; the traffic before and after school. This issue was mentioned by staff and parents in the days leading up to the start of school. During that same time, we learned that 8th Street was going to be closed, thereby temporarily eliminating our bus drop-off/pick-up zone. In temporarily relocating the drop-off/pick-up zone to Crest, we were advised that such a plan would displace a large number of spaces utilized by parents for dropping off and picking up their children. Given these conditions, we anticipated an even greater traffic problem than was previously identified. As a result, and as many of you have witnessed, we decided to restrict access to the parking lot coupled with our presence assisting students and drivers in navigating the drop-off and pick-up of students in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

We appreciate that almost every single affected driver and pedestrian has recognized that our intentions are rooted in the safety of students. We have also found parents appreciative of our efforts to provide guidance and direction during the start and the end of the school day.

We have been asked why the parking lot could not act as a loop for traffic as it has for many years. Our sense is that such a plan did not prevent the problem in the past and it strikes us now as wholly inadequate given the volume of traffic we are now experiencing.

We were also asked about the proper and safe way to drop off and pick up students before and after school. We are not sure that there is one proper and safe way to drop off or pick up your child, but we can offer some reasonable suggestions that may ease the problem until a more viable and long-term solution is developed. We would suggest first patience! Then following these simple steps we believe will serve the entire Slauson community at the beginning and at the end of the school day.

  • Drop-off/Pick-up your student a block or two away from the main     entrance to Slauson

  • Have your child exit/enter the car as quickly as possible

  • Plan your route so that your child exits/enters the car from the  

        school side of your car - this decreases the need to cross traffic

    1. -  Please do not park your car and allow your student to sit in the car before school starts. This does happen more during inclement weather, but we will allow students enter the school when the weather is bad

-  Slow down

-  Encourage your child to use the crosswalks

-  Honor the crosswalks by not stopping or parking in the crosswalks

-  Honor the adults acting as crossing guards

-  and finally . . . . a little more patience!

This problem has existed for many years and we are not likely to solve it overnight, but it is our goal to provide a safe environment for students arriving and exiting Slauson, to develop safe conditions for drivers, and to act as a good neighbor to the residents surrounding the school.

Our current plan will continue for as long as necessary to establish some alternate routines for drop off and pick up. Our hope is that the revised routines will be fairly well established by the end of next week. Additionally, we hope the construction on 8th Street will be completed very soon thereby easing some of the traffic congestion as Crest will then be available as a drop-off/pick-up point. We are also committed to identifying  a group of interested people to explore a more viable and long term solution to this problem. This group would consist of teachers, parents, neighbors, other Ann Arbor Schools personnel, and Ann Arbor City officials.

In the meantime, we appreciate your understanding and assistance by following the above suggestions.

Rick Weiler

Ann Arbor Public Schools